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Epoxy Painting and Flooring in Alaska


Epoxy Painting Alaska

Epoxy painting in Alaska is offered through the professionals at Glacier Industrial Painting.  We have been in business over 21 years we have extensive training and experience in industrial epoxy and high performance protective coatings. Glacier Industrial Painting is proud to offer Alaska the highest standards available in the business. These premium results and beauty come from the combination of meticulous attention to detail, advanced skill in application and extensive product knowledge and the science of understanding environmental conditions. Glacier Industrial Painting’s professionals will design and apply simply the best epoxy systems available, whether you require residential, commercial or industrial applications.

The extremes of Alaska weather put additional stress on concrete and steel. The excess moisture and extreme temperature changes accelerate oxidation. You can protect and prevent water damage to your large investments in both your home and business by having Glacier Industrial Painting apply epoxy flooring in Alaska. Bare concrete lets moisture travel and transfer through it, which leads to spaling (the chipping and breaking away of the top surface of the concrete.) This then becomes open aggregate (exposed small rocks.) Our epoxy flooring systems stop moisture transfer 100% ending this process. Cracks from movement and settling in concrete let moisture transfer and continue to crack and break, creating eyesores and trip hazards. Glacier Industrial Painting offers extensive crack repair options with special epoxy adding strength to the concrete. We also offer grinding of concrete to fix uneven and heaving slabs. The grinding and resurfacing is done by using both shot blasters and diamond grinders.

The exceptional value that comes from Glacier Industrial Painting installing epoxy flooring in Alaska is beauty and durability. The big box stores offer a kit fits everybody’s needs. These systems do not address cracks, water damage, spaling and most importantly concrete surface preparation. Anchor profile only comes from shot blasting and diamond grinding. This mechanical process of shot blasting makes anchor profile for superior adhesion of the new epoxy to be painted. Adhesion is the key to a successful epoxy floor system. Beauty comes from superior epoxy paints and expert skilled application. Glacier Industrial Painting also offers custom tint colors and chip systems to match your home and business. Our epoxy floor systems will not delaminate or peel.

Glacier Industrial Painting offers exceptional service at reasonably prices. The expense of our epoxy systems add value to your home or business. The epoxy floor systems are easy to clean and brighten up the areas by reflecting light. They make old or plain work shops safer with an anti-skid surface. Glacier Industrial Painting offers custom logo’s epoxy systems painted into the concrete with artwork and your company name.

Glacier Industrial Painting has successfully painted everything from garage floors, shops, airplane hangers, water treatment plants, airports. For epoxy painting in Alaska, contact us today..