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Power Plants Coatings in Alaska, Colorado, & Wyoming


Glacier Industrial Painting has twenty plus years of industrial painting background offering premium quality high performance coating application in power plants in Alaska, Colorado, and Wyoming.

The environment of most power plants are very demanding because of the extreme temperatures, high traffic areas and at times very dirty conditions. Power plants also have miles of pipes and pluming and some underground passages with high moisture and submersible tanks. The usage of durable, industrial high performance coatings is not an option but an absolute necessity in power plants. The extreme temperatures, high traffic areas, moisture and very dirty environment accelerate oxidation and rust, physically  accelerating wear and tear on every part of the power plant. The unfortunate reality is that the lifetime of all paints in a power plant will be reduced because of these extremes. The benefits of keeping the concrete and steel painted is a small investment and a necessity to keep the power plant in full operation and avoid replacement of equipment. The other benefit of keeping the power plant painted is organization and maintenance. Keeping pipes steel and concrete painted and waterproofed also makes the working environment safe and allows the leaks to be detected for more efficient maintenance.

Safety is very important to everybody. Glacier Industrial Painting offers industrial color coordinated painting systems to help in the safety and emergency escape plans and routes. We offer epoxy in safety yellow for handrails and safety red for fire escapes and hydrants locations. Glacier Industrial Painting offers epoxy floor systems for isle ways and foot traffic that have reflective glass beads added for visual safety and foot traction. These reflective epoxy systems are beneficial in dark areas with poor lighting and confined spaces. Regulations may require some high-pressure pipes and natural gas pipes to be painted and color-coded. Glacier Industrial Painting offers a wide variety and solutions to increase safety, function and regulatory compliance.

Glacier Industrial Painting offers the painting solution to old worn dated and damaged severely cracked concrete and steel in Alaska, Colorado, and Wyoming. The expense of our repairs is a fraction of what the replacement costs and the other enormous benefits of our epoxy systems is less down time and fast turnaround. Most of our epoxy systems can be put back into use the next day after the repairs are completed. Glacier Industrial Painting offers fast professional solutions to the power plant painting and sealant needs for concrete and steel reconditioning and repairs. For power plant coatings in Alaska, Colorado, or Wyoming, contact us today..