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Pool Painting in Alaska, Colorado, & Wyoming


Glacier Industrial Painting understands the extremely challenging obstacles involved in painting a pool. We offer pool repairs along with custom epoxy pool painting in Colorado, Wyoming, and Alaska. These customs involve stripes, numbers and custom logos that can be painted in your pool for that personal individual touch. Our two plus decades of painting pools gives us the expertise to handle the most challenging problems that pools can present. We offer these services in Alaska, Colorado and Wyoming.

Pool structures are like building foundations, they are usually made of reinforced concrete with thick heavy walls. The engineers thPool Painting in Alaska, Colorado, & Wyomingat designed them to the best they can and the contractors that build them up to the specifications and codes also do a great job. Mother nature and old man time take their toll on everything. Cracks and movement eventually happen over time and eventually pools need to be restored back to their original former state. Most pools have a finish over the concrete that is called gunite, this gunite is designed to keep out moisture and for the most part does a good job. The down side of just gunite is that it comes in one color off white. Bare gunite also oxidizes and eliminates and fails in time from ultraviolet sunlight and chlorine exposure. Chlorine increases oxidization and takes it toll on any surface over time. Epoxy pool painting protects this gunite and slows the oxidization down. Glacier Industrial Painting offers their specialized protective epoxy pool painting systems for all of Alaska, Colorado and Wyoming.

Glacier Industrial Painting has the process of transforming an old damaged pool into a work of art. We first start with making a working cover for your pool. These covers are primarily used for indoor pools to reduce and control dust, we then connect the heppa filter exhaust fans into the pool. The gunite will then be gently resurfaced with special grinders for the perfect anchor profile. This is done with gentle meticulous care to not over work the gunite. Cracks and other damage will be repaired with gunite and epoxy resin. These damaged areas will be worked and ground smooth until the final finish is perfect and ready for paint.

Whatever your pool repair needs are, from small to large luxury, to Olympic completion

Glacier Industrial Painting will apply the absolute best of epoxy pool paint systems available. These systems are backed by years of a proven track record matched with unsurpassed professionalism paying attention to detail with amazing results. Contact us today for pool painting in Colorado, Wyoming, or Alaska..