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Novolac Epoxy & Containment Overflow Systems


Glacier Industrial Painting has special training and unique expertise in chemical containment overflow protective linings and systems. We are proud to offer these industrial chemical containment systems to protect and improve the safety and integrity of the structures built for containment of overflow of the primary tanks. Glacier Industrial Painting offers these services in Alaska, Colorado and Wyoming.

Novolac Epoxy is an industrial high performance specialty protective coating designed to contain and protect the overflow structures from damage of chemical contact. The most important function of the Novolac is to keep the chemicals in the overflow structure so chemicals do not leak out into the environment. This protective lining keeps chemicals from leaching into the soil and into waterways.

Most chemical containment overflow systems are made of concrete and require special preparation for the Novolac Epoxy system to properly adhere. The first and most important problem to address is the cracking in the walls and floor of the structure. The cracks and imperfections in the concrete are filled with epoxy resin and ground smooth.

Depending on the age of the structure, movement and size of the cracks several applications will be applied to correctly fill the voids and achieve the strength desired to become sound and level and smooth. The epoxy resin reduces future cracking and adds strength back to the concrete. The walls and floor of the containment overflow structure must be diamond ground and shot blasted to remove containments and make an anchor profile for superior adhesion of the new Novolac Epoxy.

Novolac Epoxy painting in Colorado, Alaska, and Wyoming should be brushed and rolled applying two coats for proper thickness and protection for most chemicals. Brushing and rolling the Novolac Epoxy insures the paint is worked down into the pores of the concrete for better adhesion and a more uniform even finish.

The most common reason for applying a Novolac Epoxy system is safety. Some local laws require the overflow containment systems to be painted with a Novolac Epoxy. The benefits to applying a Novolac Epoxy system is in the unfortunate event of a leak in the primary tank or tanks the overflow containment system painted with a Novolac Epoxy will not leak out into the environment. Unprotected bare concrete overflow systems will hold most of the chemicals but usually still leak. These leaks get into the soil and surrounding waterways and other property and involve local government applying hefty fines and costly hazardous removal expenses.

Glacier Industrial Painting has a track record of applying Novolac Epoxy systems in Alaska, Colorado, and Wyoming with great success. We are highly trained professionals in the containment overflow protection systems. Novolac Epoxy systems protect and hold up to a variety of chemicals. We are experts in the protective lining business. We also offer Porcelain Ceramics for clarifier tanks in power plants and oil refineries in Alaska, Colorado and Wyoming. Contact us today to learn more..