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Sand Blasting


Sand blasting in ColoradoWyoming, and Alaska is offered through the Glacier Industrial Painting. Our premium mobile and in-house sandblasting services apply to industrial and commercial  applications for steel, concrete, and other sub straits.

For over twenty years, we at Glacier Industrial Painting have been offering traditional sandblasting with many different sandblasting media for surface applications. We also offer wet sandblasting for sub straits that may need to stay cooler or are temperature sensitive.

The most demand for sandblasting comes from companies that have old tanks that are rusted and need reconditioning. Obviously rust and oxidation are ultimately unstoppable because mother nature has the final say-so in the end. Glacier Industrial Painting offers the sandblasting process to fight mother nature the best we can and give the longest life possible to new epoxy paint systems and the steel structures they protect. The sandblasting and epoxy paint application is a preventive and necessary process. Sandblasting is often done on the interior and exterior new and old tanks steel structures pylons and bridges. This process of sandblasting is also needed in power plants and water treatment plants for concrete tanks and submersible structures and pipe. Sandblasting is also needed for the removal of old failing paint on concrete and block and sometimes brick. Whether you are in need of sand blasting in Colorado, Alaska, or Wyoming, we can help.

The process of sandblasting is to remove old paint, rust, light scale and all signs of oxidation. In some instances, new steel and concrete should be sandblasted. This process not only removes rust and oxidation, but also removes surface contamination such as oils and dirt. The process of sandblasting removes the top layer etching the steel and concrete for adhesion promotion. This new surface is perfect for a new epoxy paint system to be applied. The general process of construction can also contaminate steel and concrete with dirt and oil, also flash rust from weather exposure and damage from shipping. Welding of steel on site also burns off shop paints that are applied during manufacturing. This exposes the metal and iron to flash rust and oxidation. Concrete surfaces are sometimes to smooth and are extremely contaminated, requiring a light sandblast to achieve a desired architectural desired finish. In some cases, concrete needs the light sandblasting to promote sealants and waterproofing and proper adhesion for epoxy paints. Although the sandblasting itself may seem simple, this process should only be performed by a trained and experienced professional to achieve the desired anchor profile to the sub straits being blasted.  Sandblasting can be dangerous if not performed by a trained personal.  We always use positive air supply suits and have safe, sound equipment.

We at Glacier Industrial Painting have the best trained personal with safety plans on all jobs. We also have many different types of media (sand) to offer for whatever the surface is to be sandblasted. These range from silica sand to baking soda and black slag, and even corn cobs for the delicate blast. Glacier Industrial Painting is working on our twenty second year of sandblasting everything from airplane fuselages’  to airport steel jet ways back to small to large tanks and everything in between made from glass , aluminum to massive steel structures. If you are in need of sand blasting in ColoradoAlaska, or Wyoming, contact us today:

Alaska: (907) 561-0467

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Wyoming: 1-(866) 561-0467