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 Epoxy Systems


The word epoxy has become more familiar to most people. When most people hear the word epoxy they may think of two part epoxy glue used for household repairs. Most people have become familiar and make the connection with the work epoxy for garage floor painting and chip systems. These epoxy floor systems are applied to garage floors. Epoxy paint systems are also applied to airplane hangars, warehouses, shops, and many industrial and food industry applications.

When most people hear the word epoxy, they may think of the kits sold at the big-box stores. These kits have chips and are marketed and target for consumer usage. The pictures on the boxes look really good and shiny. The directions seem really easy and they are priced rather low. In all reality these kits are very low quality epoxy and do not include proper concrete preparation.  They do not include a clear for the top coat. Unfortunately the end result is a system that has poor appearance to the color, very thin paint thickness, and no protective clear top coat. The best looking part of these systems is that picture on the box, this is very unlike the real world results. These systems also have an extremely high rate of failure because of the improper concrete preparation, resulting in poor adhesion. The low quality epoxy most commonly peels and delaminates from the concrete floor. The limited and improper adhesion is put to the test when an auto is parked on the epoxy. Small stones in the tire treads crack the low quality epoxy and start it peeling off of the floor. The heat from the tires after driving also makes the low quality epoxy expand then fail and peel. These do-it-yourself bog-box systems also stain and fade, losing color and sheen rather quickly.

Now let’s review about equality epoxy systems. Traditional epoxy is a two-part catalyzed solvent-based paint. Epoxy is a part “Part A” resin and a “Part B” cure. The “A” is the tinted colored portion of epoxy and the “B” is the catalyst. The epoxy must be mixed and timed for proper catalyzation and superior adhesion. These quality epoxy systems need to be applied over properly repaired concrete. The concrete, new or old, needs to be shotblasted and diamond ground, filling cracks and imperfections before the application of the epoxy paint. The concrete after shotblasting and diamond grinding has a texture called, “profile.” This profile is what keeps the pain adhering to the concrete after years of usage and parking of autos with dirt and small stones in the tires and tons of foot traffic. Most quality epoxy paint systems involve a 3 coat system. These are a quality primer, an intermediate epoxy, and a premium quality clear coat protective finish. A quality installed epoxy system applied by Glacier Industrial Painting will increase the value of your home or business, giving you 10 to 20 years of beauty and service.

From applying garage floor epoxy in Colorado, Alaska, and Wyoming, to installing epoxy systems for airplane hangars, industrial facilities, and commercial establishments, Glacier Industrial Painting has the training and experience you are looking for. Contact us today to learn about our services and see how our professional epoxy systems will make a difference.

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