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Industrial Painting in Colorado


Glacier Industrial Painting is Colorado’s foremost leader in the installation of protective epoxy urethane coatings and other projects for commercial, residential, and industrial painting in Colorado. The extensive training and over 21 years of industrial experience make Glacier Industrial Painting the foremost leader in the specialty high performance coating business in Colorado. We offer a wide variety of unique industrial epoxy paints from waterproofing to custom décor. We paint Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications ranging from garage floors to water treatment plants, prisons and airplane hangars. When you contact Glacier Industrial Painting we will ask the right questions, thoroughly inspect your property and business and design and apply the best paints and epoxy systems available. These premium quality paints will be installed with the expert professionals.

The drastic temperature and extreme weather changes in Colorado present extra stress on buildings steel and concrete. Colorado has a semi-arid climate with intense UV sunlight exposure that makes colors fade and oxidize faster than in other regions of the country. Glacier Industrial Painting has perfected and mastered the Industrial Specialty Coatings business and offer epoxy polyurethane systems that have superior color retention far out lasting other paints.

The best quality high density concrete takes more than its share of abuse here in this wonderful state of Colorado. The most common damage to the concrete is from constant freeze and thaw and moisture transfer which makes concrete chip break and delaminate in small pieces. The constant freeze and thaw also makes concrete move and heave. The heave and movement are what makes the cracks develop. Glacier Industrial Painting has special epoxy resin that we apply to the damaged concrete and then we grind it smooth. The finish product is beautiful concrete that is perfectly smooth that actually becomes stronger than the concrete itself. These epoxy concrete repairs are cost efficient saving time and money instead of replacing the concrete. Most concrete repairs we provide can be put back into use the very next day! This keeps your business operations moving and cuts down on the inconvenience and environmental impact.

Whether you are seeking services for industrial painting in Colorado, or systems for your commercial of residential establishment, we can help. Glacier Industrial Painting offers beautiful durable epoxy urethane systems that protect your home property and business from oxidation and moisture transfer. The epoxy systems that we install not only add service and beauty they may also increase the value of the property. These epoxy systems brighten up the buildings by reflecting light and making cleaning happen with ease.

Glacier Industrial Painting also offers a wide variety of other painting solutions for all of your painting needs. The different options and solutions in painting we offer range from premium latex paints for walls and ceilings such as dryfall to special epoxy that holds up to sulfuric acid exposure. Please contact us today for industrial painting in Colorado and other related painting needs.