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Airplane Hangar Floor Coating & Painting


Airplane hangar floor coating in Colorado, Wyoming, and Alaska are offered through the professionals at Glacier Industrial Painting.  When someone starts a conversation about an epoxy floor the mental picture that usually comes to mind is an airplane hanger with a perfectly smooth mirror like finish. Glacier Industrial Painting has perfected and refined these epoxy systems after over 21 years of application. We are proud to offer a superior epoxy polyurethane system that has a mirror like finish and out performs traditional epoxy. These epoxy polyurethane system have superior color, scratch and impact resistance. When we complete the last final coat of the epoxy polyurethane systems the rivets will reflect off the bottom of the airplanes.


Airplane Hangar CoatingsThe necessity of airplane hanger painting is in large do to maintenance. Most airplanes require scheduled maintenance and the epoxy floor system makes this maintenance easier. The most desired color in an airplane hangar is white. The reason white is the most often used is because it reflects light better then any other color. The hangar reflects light off the floor and makes working on the bottom of an airplane much easier to see. The white epoxy also shows contrast so when a small part or a bolt is dropped it can be located and spotted with ease. The appearance of white epoxy on a large surface of concrete has a clean fresh look. Studies have shown that dark colors with low reflection actually slow down production of people in a work environment. These studies also indicate that some people become sleepy and sometimes depressed. Light colors with high sheen and reflection increase moral and productivity. The lighter colors also make work areas safer because people can see better avoiding pinch points and sharp objects.


Airplane Hanger Floor Coatings CO, AK, WY

The process of transforming bare concrete into a beautiful show room quality airplane hangar is where the expertise of Glacier Industrial Painting comes into play. All concrete needs to be properly abraded to ensure the epoxy will adhere. This is industrial standard but Glacier Industrial Painting takes this process to a higher level. The concrete in an airplane hangar will be shot blasted and diamond ground. All of our equipment is new with terrific vacuum systems that produce very little dust. We make the perfect amount of anchor profile to the concrete for superior adhesion of the new epoxy. We also fix and repair all cracks, nicks, dents and imperfections in the concrete. This meticulous attention to detail is what makes the finish so perfectly smooth. Our process of resurfacing and reworking the concrete up to this level is a combination and background of over two decades of experience, expert product knowledge and an extreme discipline to physically transform the concrete to perfection.


Glacier Industrial Painting applies the best epoxies available on the market. Each coat is applied as if it were the last coat, working the paint, massaging it into the concrete ensuring the finish is as smooth and uniform as physically possible. Glacier Industrial Painting out performs the competition with the most beautiful, durable finish giving your airplane hangar years of beauty and service. Whether you are in need of airplane hangar floor coating in Colorado, Wyoming, or Alaska, contact us today..