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Epoxy Painting and Flooring in ColoradoEpoxy Painting Colorado

Glacier Industrial Painting has a proven track history of over 21 years in the painting business with our expertise in High Performance Specialty Coatings such as polyurethane systems and epoxy painting in Colorado. We offer industrial epoxy systems for protection and beauty ranging from garage floors, airplane hangers, industrial floors and shops, water treatment plants, prisons, utilitarian power plants and chemical containment overflow systems. We also recondition and paint pools, diesel tanks and water tanks.

Our mission statement is to provide the residential commercial and industrial painting industry the absolute best possible results unsurpassed by the competition, with quality assurance and control at the highest premium by superior product knowledge, the best skilled people with superior training with a family run personal relationship with the customers. We take extra time to explain every part of the process of the job and involve our customers in the entire process so the experience becomes personal and the paint job becomes a reflection the customer’s personal style and taste.

From epoxy flooring in Colorado, to other related painting services, the systems we offer can be very basic and simple or custom made with multiple colors with flare and style. Regardless of what level of systems you desire, all the systems we offer provide superior protection and beauty. We can paint concrete and steel and other substrates transforming your old or new building and shop, rusted oxidized steel from its current condition into a gorgeous extremely well protected new condition. The protection these specialty industrial coatings provide hold up to the exposure of U V sunlight, extreme temperature changes, chemical, solvent and diesel fuel contact. For the environments that exceed most industrial demands such as extreme low temperatures like deep freezers we offer low temp fast dry epoxy systems. We also offer special epoxy systems that hold up to battery charging stations acid exposure. We offer Novolac epoxy for chemical containment overflow systems and porcelain epoxy systems for industrial clarifiers with extreme friction resistance. If the environment has hydrostatic pressure and excessive moisture such as water tanks below grade we offer low temperature moisture cure systems to solve these most challenging scenarios. If confined space painting is needed we offer the most qualified best trained and certified people and systems available. We also offer epoxy systems for steel and concrete to be submersed under water in pools and water treatment plants. If you are looking for epoxy painting in Colorado or similar services, look no further.

Glacier Industrial Painting offers sandblasting for many demands such as reconditioning of steel and concrete in tanks and pools. The sandblasting removes the old failing paint, contaminates, rust and scale. Sandblasting makes an anchor profile for superior adhesion of the new epoxy systems. The blast media we use is safe and nontoxic.

Shot blasting and diamond grinding achieve the reconditioning and resurfacing of damaged or old concrete. Shot blasting and diamond-grinding remove old wore out failing epoxy and create an anchor profile for superior adhesion of the new epoxy floor systems. Concrete with cracks, spalding and open aggregate damage is repaired by a special epoxy resin and ground smooth with diamond grinders. The concrete with this epoxy is actually stronger than new concrete. These repairs are achieved at lower costs than replacing the concrete with less down time.

Our epoxy painting in Colorado and our many Specialty High Performance Coatings outlast and outperform the competition in the residential commercial and industrial settings. Whether you are in need of epoxy flooring in Colorado or other related services or systems, contact us today and get a free estimate for your project small or large..